Wenlan Chinese Massage Hyde Review

Wenlan Chinese Massage Hyde Review

Wenlan Chinese massage Hyde has been providing massages from her home for a number of years now. This is a part time business as she works full time during the week, so please be patient when trying to get a booking.

For those who have never experienced a Chinese massage, the sensation is quite different to say a Thai oil massage, whereas Thai massage may focus heavily of deep tissue manipulation of the muscles, the Chinese massage will involve fast, rhythmical rubbing that generates lots of heat and stimulates the blood flow.

Wenlan is very thorough in her massage, she will ask you to lie face up and give you a wet wipe to clean your hands; then starting with the head and face she will gently stroke and massage all your stresses away, this is my favourite part and is great if you have head ache. Wenlan will then move on to the arms and hands where she will spend a good ten minutes massaging oils into your skin. This really is relaxing and I find myself drifting off. Wenlan will then ask you to turn over and moves on to back, shoulders, buttocks and legs, although this is really quite vigorous at times, it is still very relaxing. Finally Wenlan will ask you to turn over again where she massage the front of legs and finish with an amazing foot massage.

If you are used to Thai or Swedish massage, then you may find Wenlan’s service a little strange at first but it is incredibly relaxing and revitalizing. A one hour massage is a bargain at £30 and there is absolutely no rushing, quite often she goes well over the allocated time. One of the very best independent providers and very friendly with it.

As mentioned earlier, Wenlan works from home but provides all the facilities you would expect, a nice bathroom to freshen up before and after your massage, although I have never asked or been offered a shower, so I am not sure if it is available. The massage is performed on a standard double bed with clean sheets and towels. Natural, essential and Chinese oils are used for the massage and if you have back problems, Wenlan will also provide a heat patch free of charge after she has given you treatment.

Services Offered

  • Chinese full body massage
  • Head Massage
  • Traditional Chinese hand massaging including, Chinese oils, foot bath.
  • Infrared massage hammer
  • Suction cupping
  • Gua Sha ( body scraping with natural horn)

The Good

  • Very thorough all over massage
  • Chinese medical treatments available
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and very friendly
  • Warm, clean environment
  • Excellent facilities
  • Parking outside
  • Excellent value for money

The Not So Good

  • Wenlan plays the radio whilst massaging which can be distracting but will turn off or play other music if asked
  • Having to walk through the living room you may bump into Wenlan’s husband which can be off putting for some
  • Although she speaks much better English than I speak Chinese, the conversation can be difficult at times but its not too much of a problem

The Bad

Nothing to Report

Current Offers

None, but at £30 an hour it is excellent value for money


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