Tibetan Massage Manchester

Tibetan Massage Manchester

The techniques used in Tibetan massage are similar to techniques used in other massages. The therapist will also use a deep circular motion to acupuncture points. Tibetan massage is commonly used to treat headaches, menstrual disorders, constipation, and lumbar pain. It has also been said to improve metabolism, sleep, appetite, and mood.

Tibetan massage is used as an integral part of Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine to treat an array of chronic or acute conditions. Physical ailments, stress related conditions and general wellbeing can benefit from the specific techniques used in Tibetan Dur Bon massage.

Specially prepared topical medicines, oils, fats, waters and powders are sometimes used in conjunction with the massage to help create balance of the physical body and inner being. Working with your physical body can stimulate your emotional body to balance and inner healing begin.

The powerful healing abilities are beneficial to all ages; babies, children, teenagers through to the elderly.

Tibetan Dur Bon Massage

You can feel relaxed and revitalised after just one Tibetan Dur Bon massage. However, for longer lasting results and more serious conditions a course is recommended.

It includes techniques such as applying herbal-infused oils to the body, manual tissue manipulations, mobilizing joints, warming the body, deep tissue work, identifying and acting on specific points.

Ku Nye

Ku Nye is the one of the most ancient system of massage in the world, started 3900 years ago and an important component of Traditional Medicine. It has been employed by Tibetan physicians and yogis for many centuries.

KU : applying medicinal warm oil to the body, absorbed through

NYE Manual tissue manipulation (deep or soft tissue) : kneeding and pressure on muscles, tendons, specific points and channels.

The rejuvenating and uplifting qualities of this technique has been mentioned in several original Tibetan texts such as elimination of toxins that accumulates in the body, increased vitality, pain relief from joints and muscles, re-balance the nervous system as well as reducing insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Book up a Tibetan massage in Manchester today

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a Tibetan massage, so whether you just want to reduce stress and anxiety, or you want to work on a muscle problem, this therapy can really help anyone feel better. You can book up a Tibetan massage in Manchester at any of the spas that provide this service, and see why it is such a popular massage for yourself.

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