Reflexology Manchester

Reflexology Manchester

Going green is a growing trend. As a result, consumers around the world are looking for all-natural alternatives to everything from their food to their soap and their healthcare and medicine is no exception. They’re looking to become less dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and exploring other options when it comes to managing their health, whether it be for prevention or as a supplement to a traditional treatment plan.

For those looking to make the switch to an all-natural replacement or a supplement to their prescription medications for issues such as anxiety, pain, headaches and diabetes, finding an effective treatment can be a challenge if you aren’t sure where to look.There are many programs, treatments, and products that claim to be successful in relieving the symptoms of many of these types of ailments and while some of them may be somewhat effective, none can compare to the potential benefits of reflexology.

The major difference is the treatment of the problem versus the treatment of the symptoms. Reflexology works internally, naturally, with your body to promote healing. No pills to take or special drinks to mix, no stretches to do or poses to try to contort your body into.So, if it’s not a supplement or a relaxation program then, what is reflexology?

Basically, it is the art of manipulating pressure points in the hands, feet, and ears with massage. These pressure points are like doorways to a large network pathways throughout the body. In a process somewhat similar to acupuncture, reflexology uses external pressure points to promote internal healing; no needles necessary.In the 1930’s & 40’s, Dr. Eunice D. Ingham recognized the therapeutic potential of what was then known as “zone therapy” and wanted take the practice a step further. Ingham created detailed “maps” of these special “zones” or pressure points. He documented what beneficial result each area had on the body and defined their relationships to the internal organs and nervous system. Ingham also gave reflexology its current name and his guides are still used and studied today.

Millions of people are already receiving reflexology treatments for everything from anxiety, to asthma, and sinusitis and many individuals rely on them for relief after receiving chemotherapy as well.As an all-natural, total body therapy, reflexology has grown tremendously popular in recent years, with much of its growth occurring right here in the UK. While Denmark is the current reflexology hot spot in the world, you’ll find that spas across the UK are listing the massage services as staples on their service menus as well.

With a history rooted in the great early Egyptian and Chinese cultures of the world, the principles and concepts behind reflexology have stood up to the test of time. Reflexology’s success as an effective treatment is hard to miss as it is popping up as a regular menu item in spas around the world.

Those looking to have a reflexology massage in Manchester will find that most major spas and salons in the area offer a generous selection of services and that starting prices are relatively easy on the budget. Manchester also boasts several “mobile” therapists that will travel to your home or business, for an extra fee, and perform the message session there. This is an excellent option for those who have limited time or a hectic schedule but it also presents the option for reflexology therapy for people with mobility issues such as a handicapped or elderly individual.

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