Aromatherapy Massage Manchester

Aromatherapy Massage Manchester

Looking for an aromatherapy massage in Manchester? This short article will give you the low-down on what is involved?

There are many reported benefits found in alternative treatments and therapy, and aromatherapy massage takes ancient healing rituals to a whole new level. The oils used elevate the experience; for instance, the soothing relaxation of “feathering” techniques combined with the scent of Sandalwood and Sage can alleviate anxiety, while high-friction massage and fragrances of black pepper or peppermint can decrease muscle pain.

History of aromatherapy Massage

The history of aromatherapy is rooted in spiritual rituals dating back six thousand years. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that has been lauded for altering mood, mind-set, cognition, and health that integrates essential oils comprised of various herbs, flowers, and plants. When you breathe in essential oil molecules, some researchers believe they stimulate these parts of your brain and influence physical, emotional, and mental health.

Aromatherapy has been seen more widely since the 1980’s to treat a wide range of conditions, and has been found helpful for many suffering from anxiety disorders, including Alopecia, constipation, insomnia, skin irritations, arthritis pain, headaches, and side-effects from cancer treatments or dialysis. Merging aromatherapy with massage techniques optimizes treatments and provides a sensory experience that has healing potential. The mere scent of the oils in the air during a massage can induce feelings of tranquility and calm.

What to expect during an Aromatherapy massage

It is important to provide thorough and accurate information to both massage therapists and any primary care providers. This ensures that there will be no interaction with oils used during treatment. During this phase of the session, therapists may also ask their clients what scents they find most appealing. The essential oils are used in vaporizers, sprays, and candles, and some therapists endorse directly inhaling the scent from a piece of fabric or cloth. During massage, oils are diluted and applied to the skin where they are absorbed. Oils may be paired with specific massage methods to optimize the affects, and to provide the most relief or therapy for the client.It is important to add almond oil or water to the essential oil to avoid any potential skin irritation that may occur. Contact should be avoided around the eye area.

Words of caution

While side-effects of these treatments are few and occur rarely, there are some individuals that are not the best candidates for aromatherapy massage. Also, it is important to remember that essential oils can be highly flammable and should be stored and treated with care.

Always consult with providers to ensure that the essential oils used don’t interact with any medications taken. Some clients that should use caution and only participate in aromatherapy massage after consulting with their physician include:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Those with Severe Asthma
  • Individuals with Severe or Multiple Allergies
  • Chemotherapy Patients

Also, stimulating scents such as rosemary should be avoided by those with high-blood pressure.

Fortunately for Manchester’s 2.5 million residents, there are many local spas and clubs that offer aromatherapy massage for their clients. Individuals living outside the region may want to inquire where to find alternative treatments and therapies from physicians or health providers, and ask whether these practitioners endorse this option to treat distinct conditions and afflictions.

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