Lomi Lomi Massage Manchester

Lomi Lomi Massage Manchester

You Can get a Lomi Lomi Massage in Manchester

“Lomi lomi” is the term currently used for “Hawaiian massage” in Hawaii, and the word “lomi” actually means ‘to rub, or press or apply pressure’ in Hawaiian. It is a traditional Hawaiian massage therapy that is used to heal. It is believed to have some very powerful healing capabilities, and is still widely used by native healers to cure a wide range of health problems.

But you don’t have to go all the way to Hawaii to get a traditional Lomi Lomi massage, in fact you can get a Lomi Lomi massage in Manchester in a few of the spas that do offer this. It is a very relaxing therapy to have, so if you want to go and unwind and get rid of any stress and tension from your body, then this is a great massage to have.

The whole therapy will be provided in a very tranquil setting, and you will feel calm and relaxed before it has even started. You will also feel rejuvenated when finished, as it is designed to improve the flow of energy through your body. The massage will include gentle strokes over the body, and also rotating joints in your body to improve flexibility.

Here’s what you’ll get from a Lomi Lomi massage

A Lomi Lomi massage is not the type of therapy where you go and have a nice chat with the therapist while they are giving you the massage. It should be done in silence, and a lot of emphasis will be put on creating a tranquil environment. This is why it is the ideal massage to help you completely relax and get rid of all of the tension within your body.

Unlike some massage therapies, there is no set procedure to follow when applying a Lomi Lomi massage. The concepts remain the same, but the way they are delivered to the recipient can vary slightly each time and can also be determined by the purpose of the massage, i.e. a health problem or to eliminate stress and anxiety.

So you should fully expect that each time you have a Lomi Lomi massage that it will be slightly different than the last, which can be a very good thing. Another aspect that is different in this massage to others is that you will often find two different parts of the body being worked on at the same time.

For example, you may be having your right arm rubbed and at the same time your left hip massaged. This is to help release an even flow of energy right through your body. The application of a Lomi Lomi massage will be done in a very rhythmic fashion, and both the hands and forearms will be used to apply the pressure.

Book up a Lomi Lomi massage in Manchester today

Of course, it is always nice to be able to go to Hawaii and get a Lomi Lomi massage, but as this is not the most practical solution you will be able to get one much closer to home. There are some highly trained therapists working in some of the spas in Manchester that can provide this therapy, so you can book up your Lomi Lomi massage in Manchester today and feel the benefits of what this unique massage therapy can offer

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