Tips for finding a good massage therapist in Manchester

Tips for finding a good massage therapist in Manchester

A massage therapist might be right out of school or have a lot of years of experience, either way the price of the massage is going to cost the same. The hard part is finding the right massage provider in Manchester that fits your requirements, especially if you are going to be seeing them on a regular basis.

These are tips for finding a good massage therapist in Manchester.

Ask for Referrals

Getting recommendation from family and friends is ideal. You can also ask for a recommendation from a massage therapist if they are relocating, work at a spa that is not within your price range or they do not do the type of massage that you are looking for. If you are a local, there are some massage therapists that have their private practice and at more affordable rates.

You should not just hire a massage therapist simply because they were recommended to you. Despite the fact that the people who suggested the therapists to you may have been content with the way these providers massaged them, it does not mean that you are going to get the same impression too. You need to get to know them first and if possible, see them at work before you make up your mind.

You can talk to the receptionist at the spa. It is going to help a lot if you can describe the type of massage that you want so that you can be matched with the right therapist. It can be a bit tricky at the spa as you are going to get whoever is available that the time that you want. The more information you are going to give the receptionist, the more options you are going to have. If you have a referral, you can request for a specific therapist.


Read a lot of massage literature, massage therapists that are in private practice often have pamphlets that describe their experience and their philosophy as well as the type of massage that they do. Look for them in naturopathic or chiropractic doctor offices. If you will like what you read, call them and ask a few questions.

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The questions that you are going to ask the massage therapist is on the style of massage they prefer and the type of special massage modalities that they are trained in. These will include shiatsu, thai massage and reflexology.

Look for Experience

Three to five years of experience is a good foundation for the massage therapist. There are a lot of talented beginners as well but it is likely for you to find a master therapist when they have had a lot of experience.

You need to give the massage therapist a try. You will only know if you are a good fit when you try out the massage therapist. See if you are comfortable in the space they work in and with their work as well. This is what will determine if you are going to come back or not. With this information in mind, you are sure to get the right massage provider.


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