Spa Days in Manchester

Spa Days in Manchester

If you are looking for suitable spa days in Manchester, either for yourself, a present for your loved one, or for a company related work bonus, then you have a good selection to choose from. You have a variety of Spas available so you can find the most suitable treatments at the right price.

You can be very selective when you decide to go for a massage these days, as there are so many different massage styles available. A massage can be used as a form of relaxation, and to help you eliminate any stress and tension from your body. They can also be used to help treat any muscle pain, which many people can suffer from, either from playing sport or strenuous daily activity at work.

If you have never been for a massage or spa days in Manchester before, then it will be important you understand what the different massages are used for, so that you can get the right service for your needs. If you are just looking for a soothing massage to release some stress, then you do not want to have something like a traditional Thai massage, as these can be quite firm, and a lot of pressure applied to some areas.

Spa days in Manchester – different types of massage

So you know what type of massage you should be getting, here is a list of some of the popular massage treatments you will find in some of the spas in Manchester, and a brief description of each therapy

Thai Oil Massage

If you want to relax, unwind, and rid your body of the pressures of daily life, then there is no better massage for this than the Thai oil massage. This is a full body massage, so you will find the therapists massaging your feet all the way up to your head. The type of oil that is used is quite important, as certain oils can help you relax further.

The Thai oil massage treatment is usually done in either a 1 hour or 2 hour session. Do not be surprised if you fall asleep during your oil massage, as they really are that relaxing. This is a massage for the mind just as much as it is for the body, as it will allow you to eradicate any stress and anxiety you may have, and just feel at peace with everything. So ideal if you have a busy hectic lifestyle, and you really need something to help you unwind.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is another world-famous therapy, and you will find most spas in Manchester will offer this service. Again, this is another very relaxing massage therapy, although it is quite a firm massage too. It is very useful for getting the blood flowing around your body. So if you have any circulation issues, or you want another option for a relaxing massage then the Swedish is a great choice.

Deep Muscle Massage

If you really want a firm massage to release any deep muscle tension in your body then the deep muscle massage therapy is highly recommended. Be prepared for some hard pressure, as the therapists will be working on the deep layers of muscle tissue and tendons. It is a very effective massage, and while it may not be that comfortable at the time, it can yield excellent results if you experience chronic muscle pain in any part of your body.

When applying the massage, the therapist will use longer and slower strokes and really target the problem areas in your body. The idea is to loosen up any knots in the muscles and eliminate them completely. You may well ache for a day or two after having a deep tissue massage, but this is normal and the long term results make it worthwhile.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage has become more and more popular over the last few years, and there are a lot of benefits to this treatment. It is quite a light and relaxing massage, yet it can really work to ease any muscle pain. The hot stones are placed strategically so that the warmth penetrates deep into the muscle, and then the therapist will slowly glide them over your skin so the heat goes deep into your muscles. It also helps with the blood flow in your body too.

So these are some of the most popular massage therapies you will find in the spas around Manchester. There is certainly a treatment there to suit everyone, so decide on the right treatment for you and book up your massage today.


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