Happy Ending Manchester

Happy Ending Manchester

Although this website is intended to promote ‘legitimate’ service providers, the question of sexual conduct, more specifically happy ending Manchester, often arises when discussing massage.

Whenever you tell somebody you have been for a massage their first response is usually “oh yeah?” as they glance at you through raised eyebrows. No matter how legitimate the massage provider is many people still see massage as a taboo practice, especially if you say you have been for a ‘Thai Massage’ and probably for very good reason; as most people have heard the words “happy ending”.

One of the most common questions massage providers get asked is “do you do happy endings?”

For some people getting a happy ending is a pre-requisite when choosing a massage provider, but what is a happy ending?

A happy ending is when the masseuse stimulates the client’s genitals to the point of orgasm or what you might usually call masturbation. Happy endings are usually offered to men but there are some providers who will offer both male and female customers a happy ending in Manchester.

But aren’t the genitals just another part of the body that needs to be taken care of?



Well in some massage practices this is often the case. Tantric massage therapists for example, usually massage the Yoni (Vagina) and Lingam (Penis) as part of the practice although, in authentic tantric massage, the intention is not to orgasm but to release pent up negative energy.

Some Thai service providers do not see happy endings as sexual at all, to them the genitals are just another part of the body and usually a quick way to make some extra money; money that they think their employer is unaware of although in most cases the employer knows perfectly well what happens in the room.

Is it Legal?

Selling any sexual service is illegal in England, so yes providing a happy ending is illegal. However most massage providers that offer a happy ending, do not advertise the fact; even the massage providers that offer ‘Tantric’ services do not blatantly advertise the fact that sexual stimulation may be part of the massage. This why you will often see the phrase “This is not a sexual service” on many Gumtree and VivaStreet adverts. Happy endings are sometimes legal overseas, Cebu City in the Philippines for example is known for lingam massage, though it is considering banning it.

Some providers are legitimately trained masseuses who see a happy ending as a way to make some extra money on top of the massage fee; other providers have never had any massage training whatsoever and are merely masquerading as a massage therapist in order to make money from selling sexual services, differentiating one from the other can often be quite a challenge.

How can you tell the difference between a legitimate spa and those just offering sexual services for a quick buck?

The simple answer is you can’t because happy endings can be offered at even the most upmarket of establishments, whether a service is offered is not usually dependent on the establishment but more the individual. However even if the massage therapist does provide such services it is very unlikely he/she will just come out and blatantly offer it; they will usually be much more subtle by perhaps making the massage more sensual and let their hands get closer to the genital area, perhaps accidentally touching the genitals in order to gauge a reaction from the client and build from there. Repeat visits to the same therapist will also help build up a rapport where either the client or therapist may suggest ‘something more.’

If I am looking for a happy ending, should I just come out and ask for it?

If you blatantly ask for a happy ending at a nice spa, or send signals by groaning and grinding suggestively, there is a good chance you will encounter a mortified massage therapist who warns you that she will end the massage if you don’t stop.

On the other hand, as mentioned previously, there are many “spas” that are basically fronts for prostitution, what some may refer to as a traditional “massage parlour.” These types of establishments are often in the news after being raided and shut down, something you should keep in mind when looking for a happy ending in Manchester.

How can I differentiate the genuine from the dodgy spas?

When looking for a provider that may offer a happy ending in Manchester there are often hints in the wording of advertisements. Wording such as “all over body massage,” “body to body,” “thigh massage,” “sensual massage,” “oriental touch,” “nuru massage,” “tantric or tantra massage.”

When we mentioned earlier that phrases like “This is not a sexual service” are usually plastered on Gumtree adverts, phrases such as “this is not a sexual service as per gumtree rules” is often a subtle way of telling you that happy endings are on offer but they must abide by the rules set out by the advertiser and not blatantly advertise it.

Another tip-off that happy endings are on the spa menu is the name of the spa itself “Pleasers Spa,” “Happy Spa” are quite obvious. Even the look of the spa can be an obvious giveaway, a slightly seedy or unwelcoming appearance and a neon sign in a small window that says “open.” can be a giveaway.

At these establishments, the “massage therapist” might wear high heels, give you a back massage, then, without asking, give you a happy ending when you flip you over, it is unlikely you will get  a very good massage from these places.

It is never appropriate to ask for a happy ending at legitimate spas in Manchester or anywhere, around the World. Doing so can open you up to embarrassment and a quick end to the session.

Women who are interested in happy endings might have a little more luck at legitimate spas, especially if the massage therapist is male as some male therapists out there who are willing to overstep the boundaries.


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