Best Thai Massage in Manchester

Best Thai Massage in Manchester

Recently we have received a number of emails asking us to recommend the best Thai Massage in Manchester. As an independent and impartial review site we are always hesitant to label anything as the ‘best.’ To us there is no one single establishment that we might call “the best Thai Massage in Manchester'” however we can still recommend a number of establishments that we deem to be of a very high standard and offer exceptional service and value for money, some of whom advertise here and some who don’t.

In no particular here are some of our recommendations.

Siam Thai Massage and Wellbeing Centre

Situated in Prestwich, this is one of our very favourite Thai Massage providers. Everything from the wonderful rooms to the high quality massage appeals to us here. The prices are also very reasonable if not a little higher than elsewhere.

Nattaya Thai Massage

Situated on Cheetham Hill Road, Nattaya Thai Massage is long established and is somewhere we keep returning to. It seems like the Manchester Massage staff are not the only repeat visitors. Each time we have been we have bumped into regular customers. This speaks volumes for the service and quality offered at Nattaya.

Napa Thai Massage 

Situated in Manchester’s Chinatown, Napa Thai Massage doesn’t offer the same luxurious surroundings as the previous two entries but what it lacks in decor  Napa more than makes up for in massage quality. They also offer many other services in the newly opened beauty salon.

Nid of Atherton

Nid is an independent massage provider who works from her home in Atherton, so it would be unfair to compare her business to the likes of Nattaya Thai Massage. But you folks want to know who offers the best Thai Massage in Manchester? well any list would be incomplete without adding Nid to it. Nid’s massage is simply outstanding and comes at a great price. Hard to beat.

Relax Thai Massage – Chanipa of Salford

Like with Nid, any list would be incomplete without the inclusion of Chanipa. Simply outstanding massage and at a price that’s hard to beat. Although it can be beat by our next entry

Eid in Burnage

Situated in the back room at Elvation Tanning Salon in Burnage, Eid gives one of the most invigorating massages we have ever experienced. For such a slight framed lady, Eid can generate some serious power in her hands and even more so in her elbows. At times her massage is quite painful but the end result is a body that is completely relaxed, loose and knot free. A bargain at £18 per hour but the last time we tried to make a booking we were told Eid is now only massaging ladies.


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