Massage for Sciatica

Massage for Sciatica

Having a Massage for Sciatica Problems

Sciatica is a fairly common issue that many people face, and it can be a painful experience for those that suffer it. It comes from a bone spur or a herniated disc starts to compress part of the Sciatica nerve, which in turn causes swelling and can even result in a numbness down one or both legs. Having a massage for Sciatica is something that many sufferers do as it provides an effective relief from the pain.

Due to the nature of Sciatica, a therapist will need to be trained specifically for this problem in order to provide an effective massage. But many are trained in this particular treatment, as it is regularly sort after by those that do have Sciatica problems. So you should certainly inquire at your local spa to see if their therapists are able to provide the right treatment for you if you have Sciatica problems.

The main goal of a massage for Sciatica pain is to improve the circulation in the troubled area, and promote a reduction in the inflammation and eventually to heal the problem. A Sciatica massage that is done properly will provide immediate pain relief and can free up the nerve from its pinched position. Having a massage on a regular basis will ensure that the issue is dealt with adequately and can help prevent further reoccurring problems.

How an effective massage for Sciatica is administered

As a Sciatica nerve is the longest nerve in the entire body, so the first thing a therapist must do is establish the exact location of where the nerve is being pinched. The technique used for a Sciatica massage is specialized, and the therapist will need to know exactly where to apply pressure and how much pressure to apply.

It is not just the immediate area that needs to be massaged either. So a therapist will also know to massage the surrounding areas too, so that the entire area is treated. With the constant pivotal movement that the lower back goes through it is imperative that each massage you have is done thoroughly and proficiently so that the problem can be effectively treated.

It is also a good idea to do what you can to keep the pain at bay in between your massage treatments. You can do this by stretching exercises that target the particular muscles in the problematic area. This will help to keep the muscles loose, which in turn will reduce or even eliminate the compression that tight muscles will cause.

You can also apply heat to the area, which will promote better circulation. You can also use some massage techniques yourself, and a common one with Sciatica sufferers is to sit on a tennis ball and move it around the problem area.

But it is the massage for Sciatica problems that will give you the best relief, both in the short and long term. You should be able to find a spa in your area that has therapists that are trained in Sciatica massage techniques, and will be able to help you eliminate the pain and ongoing problems that Sciatica produces.




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