Is your Listing Helping your Business?

Manchester Massage can benefit your business in many ways. Lots of people are looking for therapists on the internet nowadays. Manchester Massage can help with your search engine rankings, but the main function of listing on Manchester Massage is to get your information to people looking for service providers in the Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

In this article we’re going to take a look at how you can see exactly what Manchester Massage is doing for you to this effect.

Your Manchester Massage Dashboard

Your Manchester Massage account includes access to lots of statistics about your listing’s performance on the site. To get to this information you need to log into your account and then visit your dashboard, which you can find at the top right or your screen after logging in.

When you get to your dashboard you will see all of this stuff:

These are all of the statistics and notification settings for your listing.

Main Stats

These first four boxes are the main stats for your listing.

  • Visits To Your Website tells you how many times people have visited your website through your listing. This does not include any visits to your website that are made through any guest blog posts you may have published on Manchester Massage. Website visits are one of the most valuable conversions of your listing. People visiting your website want to know more about you, are more likely to contact you, and have chosen you over other therapists. Also website visits are likely one of the biggest ways your listing can help your website rank higher in search engines.
  • Total Phone No. Clicks tells you how many times people have clicked on the phone number that you have posted on your listing. This is theoretically the number of times people have called you from your listing. I say theoretically because people using devices other than a phone could conceivably click on your phone number accidentally or thinking it will take them to your site, or copy the number. In general though this is how many times people have called you.
  • Total Leads: This is the number of times people have sent you a message through the contact form on your listing. Every time someone send you a message in this way, it will be delivered to you through the email address you have linked to your account. Be sure to add to your contact list to avoid any of these going to spam.
  • Total Views tells you the number of times someone has viewed your Manchester Massage listing.

Notification Settings

Here you can specify how you would like to receive notifications when potential clients reach out to you through your Manchester Massage listing. If the phone number associated with your listing is not able to receive text messages, you can identify an alternative number to receive text notifications at.

Detailed Stats

This area tells you more detailed statistics about when and *who* contacted you. You will only be told who contacted you if the person who did so was logged into a Manchester Massage account at the time they reached out to you. This would mean that that person is a therapist with a listing on Manchester Massage.

So there you have it! All of these statistics refer to the total amount of time your listing has been published on Manchester Massage. We currently don’t have any way for users to select specific time periods for their statistics. However, if we do have a way to get all of that information on our end. So if you’re ever interested in knowing your stats in a specific time frame contact us and we’ll help you out!

Manchester Massage is Working!

These are the stats you have access to in the back end of the site. You can select any period and specific users to see more detailed data. Check it out! These are the stats for the last month (October 22 – November 22). You can see the stats for my listing at the bottom. If you subtract those from the total, you can see that in the last month Manchester Massage users have gotten 46 website visits, 11 phone calls, 4 emails, and around 3,500 listing views!


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