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Welcome to Shanghai Clinic

As our client, we promise you a first class service, where you will receive the best natural medicine care to suit your individual needs.

In China, massage plays an important role in terms of rehabilitation and health preservation, and massage clinics
are often run alongside hospitals.

Archaeological studies revealed it was practised in China as far back as 2,700 BC, in the New Stone Age. It was referred to as ‘anmu’.

Today Chinese massage is a complex art that uses a variety of techniques that work to activate the body’s energy or acupuncture points to trigger a healing response.

The patient experiences a relaxing, health promoting treatment.

Meet Our Tui Na Therapist

Margaret Wang is a highly skilled and experienced therapist. She joined us one year ago after many years working as a Traditional Chinese Tui Na therapist in New Zealand. She has been trained in China and New Zealand. Especially she has benefited most from following a Chinese master of ‘Qi Gong Tui Na’, Dr. Zhang Youdong from Shaolin, China.
Margaret has a passion for all aspects of Tui Na and how it improves customers’ health. Her approach is intended to address one’s specific needs and promote whole body wellness. She has expertise in treating stiff neck, frozen shoulder, back pain, migraine, tennis/golf elbow, knee and ankle problems, sports injuries, stress, anxiety and insomnia with her ‘Qi Gong Tui Na‘ massage. Also, she has rich experience in pregnancy massage and reflexology.

Margaret is available for appointments on Monday to Friday between 10am– 6pm.

30 mins – £30
1 hour   – £50
£10 discount is offered for the birthday person